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Lumiere Fest: Classic Film Market Confirms Heritage Biz Global Growth

14. Oktober 2105. – John Hopewell berichtet über die wachsende wirtschaftliche Bedeutung von Filmklassikern

John Hopewell, internationaler Korrespondent von Variety, berichtet von dem Grand Lyon Film Festival Lumière 2015 in Lyon (12.-18. Oktober 2015) und den wachsenden Markt mit Filmkassikern und restaurierten Filmen: „Poland, Russia, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina all bring restorations to classic film fest and its market. Step-by-step, the classic film biz is gaining more converts outside its major strongholds of France and the U.S. [...] A case in point: the 3rd Lyon Lumière Fest Classic Film Market, which runs Oct.14-16. The world’s first heritage film business forum, it looks set to confirm continued build in the boutique classic film biz, not only in France’s distribution-exhibition-services sector, but also across Europe and beyond.

This is a real trend, a real political commitment towards the restoration of films in order to keep their memory alive,” [Classic Film Market project manager Gerald] Dauchovvsky said. National film institutes are moving very “fast now,” “proactively,” and are also concerned that audiences see the films they restore, he added.

In such a context, the Lumiere Grand Lyon Film Festival plays various roles. Brilliantly marketed to the city by Bertrand Tavernier and Thierry Fremaux, Lumiere Institute president and director general – many presentations are like live shows with heritage titles introduced by stars or star directors, such as Nicolas Wending Refn this year, who is talking up 1971 time travel/slavery movie “Farewell Uncle Tom,” helmed by Italy’s Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi – it provides an eye-opening demonstration of the audiences and excitement which heritage cinema can attract, particularly among younger cinemagoers. Meanwhile, its Classic Film Market acts as a business conduit and forum for best practice discussion in a still young sector.“

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Ausweislich der Website des Festivals sind deutsche Archive, Kinematheken und Unternehmen auf der "Messe des klassischen Films" beim Grand Lyon Film Festival Lumière 2015 nicht vertreten. Allerdings wurde in der Sektion „Archival Treasures“ WESTFRONT 1918 von Georg Wilhelm Pabst (1930) digital in einer verbesserten restaurierten Fassung gezeigt – eine Veranstaltung der Deutschen Kinemathek und des British Film Institute.


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